Tegan Abbott
Tegan Abbott is a creative writer and novelist, who wrote her first book at 18. Her 2012 self-published fiction novel, "Blood Gift: Part One", was inspired by a White Wolf table-top role-play game, Exalted. "Blood Gift" is a fantasy novel series complete with redemption and failure. Readers follow the journey of an assassin who develops into a hero, all while fighting his own complicated internal battle.

"Blood Gift" was an intentional name for the series that she bled for and worked profoundly hard to create ... while creating herself in the process. Like writing, it did not come easily or for free, it was earned while she was working and or studying full time. After finishing her "Blood Gift" trilogy and then completing the first book in a new series, Tegan showed that despite obstacles such as her dyslexia, she could be a successful writer.

Not only is Tegan an avid writer influenced by other creatives, such as Robin Hobb and Brandon Sanderson, but she also finds inspiration for her creative works from the world around her. She enjoys studying and writing biology, psychology, and botany. The scientific questions that we are not yet able to answer serve as an encouragement for her fantasy writing and development of new ideas to incorporate into her novels.

The series she is currently writing is heavily influenced by entomology. It is set in a rainforest with characters only fifteen centimetres tall. They battle for survival against each other and their nightmarish world of insectoid monsters.

You can find her books on this website.