Tegan Abbott
No writer is a writer by chance alone; all writers earn their ability through dedication, sacrifice and relentless hard work. Tegan is no exception and ’Blood Gift’ was an intentionally ironic name for the series that she bled for and worked profoundly hard to create … while creating herself in the process. And like writing, it did not come easily or for free, it was earned while she was working and/or studying full time.

Tegan started her first novel when she was sixteen. It was inspired by a White Wolf table-top role-play game, Exalted. Another inspiration came from her work in aged care and psychiatric care, also when she was sixteen. Most of her first book was written on paper towel in her breaks while working full time, then typed onto her computer after work. When completed, her first novel came to 75,000 words and was finished just after she turned eighteen. Working without any guidance, Tegan continued writing and rewrote the same story six times, and it slowly evolved into 'Blood Gift'. Tegan (self) published 'Blood Gift: Part One' in Apr 23, 2012 on Amazon, and it was only then that she began to reveal to her friends that she wrote novels.

After writing two novels while still in her teens, Tegan joined the military in order to better her life and ’make something of herself that she could be proud of’. Military life, like everything else, could not stop her from writing. She wrote in a little notebook that she carried at all times. She worked for months on end without days off and wrote at the end of her twelve or sixteen hour shifts, when she was able; she later wrote those pages up on her laptop. Nothing seemed to stop her writing, not even, in recruit school, being caught with paper in her sock and being reprimanded for it. She was never negligent of her duties, though, and was careful with the times she chose to write; in her military career she never got a single black mark against her name. In the end, Tegan's extremely high standards of what she expected of herself were not satisfied by her life in the military, though while there she picked up what she needed to be able to write convincing military characters. And she learned something that many people never get to: that she could astound herself with the things she was able to do!

When Tegan left the military she realised it was time to complete some high school, at last. Unable to start with the year she had not completed, Year Nine (as the only years on offer to mature students were Eleven and Twelve) she chose Year Eleven and passed with ease. To get by financially she worked nights in aged care, while handling a full study load. For the first time in her writing career she wrote in comfort, actually sitting at tables. Fully able to write at last, Tegan completed the most writing of her life, in class. Somehow her studies didn't suffer and she was even praised as being a great student; she was also a member of the Student Council.

Tegan has an ongoing passion for science, her favourites being sociology, psychology, biology and ecology … and not just in order to enhance her writing. She also enjoys the fantasy, sci-fi, anime and medieval genres, and most types of games – video, board, outdoors, and table-top. Tegan also adores attending conventions related to her interests.

At the age of twenty six, Tegan was diagnosed with dyslexia and for the first time in her life she understood why reading took her so long and that she was not, as she had been called so often throughout her life, stupid. The closing of the ‘Blood Gift’ trilogy and the completion of the first book in a new series was all the proof Tegan needed to know that, in spite of all the obstacles, she could be a writer. It was proof that she had earned through extraordinarily trying circumstances … circumstances she would never regret, though, because they were what had made her as a writer. That is what makes her proud of herself. And naturally, after working at her craft for so long, Tegan now dedicates more and more of her time to writing. These days she seldom writes without a cup of tea on her desk; also on the desk is a pet bed for her best animal friends – two Devonshire Rex cats who are always at her side within her home.